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Hong Kong

Two types of patents exist, one is a standard patent and the other is a short-term patent. The life time of a standard patent is 20 years from the date of registration while the life time of a short-term patent is 8 years from the date of registration. The prequisite for filing a standard patent application in Hong Kong is a prior patent application filed in one of three patent offices, also known as the 'designated patent offices', which include: the State Intellectual Property Office, People's Republic of China the European Patent Office, in respect of a patent designating the United Kingdom the United Kingdom Patent Office. A standard patent application in Hong Kong consists of two stages, which are: a request to record the designated patent application, that is the Chinese, EP(UK) or UK published patent application (stage 1); and a request for registration and grant in Hong Kong, China of the Chinese, EP(UK) or UK granted patent (stage 2). The prequisite for the granting of a short-term patent application in Hong Kong is based on a search report issued by an international searching authority or one of three designated patent offices. The applications for both the short-term patent and the standard patent can be filed in either Chinese or English. For your further reference please find the information sheet for Hong Kong patent applications.

Price list

Standard Patent

  • Filing application for standard patent for each stage USD356
  • Annual maintenance fee after the third year USD135
  • Late renewal surcharge USD100

Short-term Patent

  • Drafting Chinese patent application USD1,000
  • Drafting English patent application USD1,500
  • Filing application for Short-term patent application USD450
  • Obtaining official search report from China patent office USD770
  • Renewal fee from the fifth to eighth years USD267
  • Late renewal surcharge USD100

Design Patent

  • Filing applications for design USD300
  • Maintenance fee (from 6th to 10th years) USD193
  • Maintenance fee (from 11th to 15th years) USD275
  • Maintenance fee (from 16th to 20th years) USD399
  • Maintenance fee (from 21th to 25th years) USD599

Recording change of name/address

  • Each recordal USD100
  • regardless of number of patents involved

Recording assignment

  • Each recordal USD350
  • regardless of number of patents involved